Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Have you heard of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Have you wondered if you have committed this sin? The study of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is a fascinating one, but also a frightening one. The thought of doing something that would provoke eternal damnation is frightening indeed. Join Denny Petrillo (Ph.D.) as… Read more »

Are There Lost Books of the Bible?

Bible critics have long accused the Bible of being a book developed through politics and through the selfish agendas of men. Are these claims true? Critics also charge that early Christians were aggressive in making sure certain writings were included in the Bible and that other writings, which they did not personally like, were excluded…. Read more »

Creation: HIStory / OUR Story

Hear God’s words about His story and our story in Creation… (Genesis 1) “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. The Earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said,… Read more »

The Sinner’s Prayer

Have you ever prayed the Sinner’s Prayer? The intent of this prayer is to ask Jesus to come into your heart as a means of being saved. Do you know where in the Bible the Sinner’s Prayer can be found? As we desire to be saved from our sins by Jesus’ sacrifice, can we pray… Read more »

Judgment Day: Jesus as Your Attorney

A practicing attorney looks at what the Bible says about Judgment Day. On that day, as in trials here on earth, we can have a defense – a lawyer who is our perfect Advocate. He knows the Judge, understands the prosecutor, and died to set us free. Study with Gary Massey on this important subject.

Bible Land Passages-Part 1: Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City

Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City is a documentary about the significance and grandeur of the ancient city of Jerusalem, and its relationship to biblical history and thought. Shot on location in Israel, this film examines the unique location, topography, history, and archaeological environs of what many consider to be the most important city in all of… Read more »

The Truth About the Apocrypha and the Lost Books of the Bible

Have you ever wondered why we have the books we do in our Bibles? Are there “lost books” that should be in the Bible? What about the Apocrypha found in Catholic Bibles? Join Don Blackwell as he looks at the background and context for recognizing the canon of inspired books in the Bible. Understanding these… Read more »

Why Are There So Many Churches?

Contemporary religious scholars and historians estimate that there are approximately 38,000 denominations in the world today. Have you ever wondered if the true church still exists today? Does it really matter to which church I belong? If the true church does exist, how can I find it? Learn about the fascinating history of the first… Read more »

Are the Jews God’s Chosen People Today?

Did you know in the Old Testament the Jews were God’s chosen people, a special nation set apart to follow the Law of Moses? What about today, under the Law of Christ, are the Jews still God’s chosen people? Can anyone become a chosen child of God today? Don Blackwell will look into God’s Word… Read more »

PROVERBS 22:6 RE-EXAMINED: Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go

Today’s post is part four of our “Re-Examined Series,” in which we are taking a look at some well-known passages that may not mean what we’ve tried to make the mean over the years. Today we will re-examine Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old… Read more »

  • Does Baptism Really Save You?

    Does baptism really save you? Is it necessary? Can a person become a Christian without being baptized? Is baptism just something you do after you are saved? These are some the questions answered in this video.

  • Are We Saved by Faith Alone?

    As this is a very well-known and oft-used phrase, let’s pretend someone asked me, “Wes, do you believe a person is saved by faith alone?” I actually would not answer with either a “yes” or a “no” answer. Here is how I would answer the question of whether or not we are saved by faith… Read more »

  • Love Your Neighbor More Than a Monument

    Most of you are probably aware of the horrible recent events in Charlottesville, VA. Thirty-seven people were violently injured and one young woman lost her life. It all started with a group protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. There are obviously many racist hate groups who want to see monuments like these… Read more »

  • The Bible: Written to be Understood

    How do you start reading the Bible? Can it be understood? The Bible can be a complex or intimidating book to begin reading. It contains 66 volumes composed of history, prophecy, prose and poetry.  Learn how to read the Bible by understanding how each section is written and you can study through the Bible. Join… Read more »

  • How to Begin Reading the Bible

    Getting started reading the Bible can be intimidating. Where do you begin? How do you start? The Bible contains an amazing variety of historical figures and accounts: kings and queens, angels and demons, the righteous and wicked, great battles, assassination plots, rags to riches stories, and accounts of war and peace. A good way to… Read more »

  • Why Don’t We All Understand the Bible Alike?

    How can everyone read the same Bible and come to different conclusions about what it means? If we’re all reading the same book, why don’t we all believe and practice the same things? Here are some thoughts about why we don’t all understand the Bible alike. Not the Reason First of all, you need to… Read more »

  • IS THERE a God? | Search God

    Is there a God? You know virtually every person in the world has asked this question. Some people say there is no such thing as God. Others are firmly convinced He exists, and some people, they don’t really seem to know and they don’t really seem to care. Learn about the Bible by mail or… Read more »

  • What is Islam? | Islam, the Quran, and Christianity

    In recent polls, about 22% of the world’s population claim Islam as their religion, making it number two, behind Christianity. What is the Islamic religion? Who is Muhammad? What does it mean to be Muslim? In this first lesson Dave Miller, Ph.D., answers these questions and presents the history of the Islamic religion. Learn about… Read more »

  • Why It’s Good to Say, “I think…” When Studying the Bible

    Occasionally I will hear people criticize others in a Bible study for saying things like, “I think this passage means…” I’ve even been criticized for saying, “I think…” in sermons. The critics say, “It doesn’t matter what you think, it only matters what the passage says.” But the words, “I think…” actually play a very… Read more »

  • The Bible is like a puzzle… do you have all the pieces?

    How is it that so many people can study the same Bible and all come to different conclusions? How can one person think the Bible “basically says this” and another person thinks it “basically says that”? I think many of us – including myself all too often – miss the point when we study the Bible…. Read more »